When Should Your Baby Use a Car Seat

When Should Your Baby Use a Car Seat?

When should your baby use a car seat? This is probably the question of many parents when buying car seats for their children. So let Joie figure out when to buy a baby car seat.

It is a known fact that car seats are very important for children. But using car seats when traveling by car is something that not all parents do.

Worry about using timeless, costly, worrying that your baby will not sit, worrying your baby will be uncomfortable, thinking that holding your baby will be safer. Even many parents and grandparents think that buying car seats is to create conditions for a “lazy” mother to hold a baby.

Surely those parents never thought that without using a car seat, their children would not be safe.

So when should your baby use a car seat? The answer is to use a car seat as soon as possible. Let us try to assess the following situations when children do not use car seats.

When children cannot sit by themselves

Babies have weak backbones, so they can’t sit on their own, so when they are too young to be able to travel by car. Someone must hold and hold them. If an accident occurs, the child sitting on the lap of an adult will be likely to be seriously injured, or even at a higher risk of death due to not wearing a seatbelt. Children will be pushed forward, collided with front car seats or glass doors, even being held or pinned down by a person carried.

When children can sit alone in a car

When a child can sit alone in a car, it is natural for the child to start using the car seat belt. However, if the child is too low, it cannot be used. The seat belt is designed for people with a minimum height of 1.45m. And a child who reaches that height is usually between 10 and 12 years old.

If your child is shorter, they need to use a car seat (supporting chair line) to raise their seat. This will help them to use the seatbelt of the car without being tied to the neck due to insufficient height.

Why do you need to buy a car seat for your baby?

Why do you need to use a baby car seat? It is a fact that most car seats are designed to accommodate adults or older children from high school or above. That’s why the babies, especially babies, or under 3 years old. Mothers often choose to sit on the lap and hold.

However, there have been scientific experiments proving that when an emergency braking or impact occurs at a speed of only 48km/h. Letting the babysit in the mother’s lap will cause the baby to be pushed forward and subjected to a force. impact 30-60 times the weight of the body, and cause the risk of death by 10 times. With such a weight, no mother would be physically fit to hold a baby.

Therefore, a car seat for children is a solution used by many families with young children, and especially in some countries, some laws regulate the provision of car seats for young children. The most important reason is safety. Because of this, a car seat for babies is a very important and necessary item for families traveling by car every day.

Experience in buying car seats for babies

Choose a car seat that fits your child’s weight

When choosing to buy car seats for children, what parents need to care about most is their weight, not their age. For each weight level, the manufacturer of car seats has designed products tailored to your baby’s condition, namely:

  • Newborn car seats for babies from birth to about 10 kg (equivalent to 12 months of age)
  • Car seats for babies from birth to about 18kg (equivalent to 4 years old)
  • A Car seats for babies from birth to about 25kg (equivalent to 7 years old)
  • Car seats for babies from 10kg to about 36kg (equivalent to from 1 to 11 years old)
  • Car seats for babies from 15kg to about 36kg (equivalent to 3 to 11 years old)

With the above ways of dividing the car seats, mothers can choose the type of car seats suitable for their weight, age, and budget accordingly.

Some notes when installing baby car seats

First, you need to read the user guide carefully before installing baby car seats because in fact. Tere are 80% of car seats installed wrongly and this is dangerous. If you are not confident reading the user manual, ask the seller to guide you in detail.

Before you decide to buy, you need to try to make sure that car seats fit your car.

Practice installing car seats

Practice installing car seats to familiarize yourself with the installation operations and ensure the use of the next place takes place quickly.

Secure the seat

Secure the seat to the car as much as possible to ensure the seat belt is not too loose or too tight. Baby car seats should be mounted firmly on the main seat, fixed or with little movement. Some types of car seats have signal lights when the seats are correctly installed. You can base on that to adjust.

For children under 1-year-old or weighing less than 9kg. It is imperative that you install the car seat in the opposite direction with the driver. For older children or weighing 10kg or more, you can fit the car seat in the afternoon with the driver.

The best mounting position, the safest for your baby is the position behind the driver

You should never mount the car seat upside-down in the part where the airbag is installed, it can cause serious injury or even death to children.

Buckle up, so it should be on your baby’s pelvis, not on his belly.

Finally, check to see if your baby is comfortable by putting your finger on the baby’s chest and chest. If you can’t put more than two fingers in the middle, tie the straps to Safe but also comfortable for the baby.

Parents should keep less unsafe objects in the car because it can be dangerous for the baby when a collision occurs

 Safety factors when using

The material will be the factor to ensure maximum safety for children. So you can refer to the seats equipped with Eggshock or Eggshock α- These are all special materials that help to absorb and disperse vibrations and reduce vibrations in the head during the journey.

  • You should also choose a car seat with a 5-in-1 seat belt design that ensures both baby’s safety. Besides, it is convenient for parents with a convenient opening and closing at the touch of a button.
  • If you have to use an older child in the front seat (babysitting on a car seat mounted on the front seat), push the seat as far as possible from the dashboard to prevent your baby from playing around with buttons.
  • Try to keep your baby ‘s journey short for the first 3 months. Because it is best to stay in bed at that stage.
  • Use a car seat for all your child’s journeys, including short journeys, even if you do not have a car. You still need a car seat for a friend trunk or when using a taxi. This is extremely important to get your baby used to the habit of using car seats.

Some car seat brands ensure the safety functions that parents can choose: Combi car seats, Aprica car seats, Zaracos car seats, Gluck car seats, …

Car seats for children are an essential product for every family with children, bringing safety, comfort, and convenience for children when traveling on cars, especially during outings far. Above are the car seat products from famous brands, trusted by many parents. I wish you to find a car seat product for children like that, suitable for your family.