Tiny house building checklist

Tiny house building checklist

Once you have decided to “go tiny” you have the option to buy or build your own tiny house. If the idea of building your tiny home excites you, then camp here as we create a comprehensive checklist to make your mission possible.

The truth is, building your own tiny house can a simple task especially when you follow the recommended progressive steps to the later. However, for first timers, the task can be overwhelming in the beginning because come to think about it, you get to do much of what you would do when building a traditional house (electric and plumbing work, appliance installation, etc.). But, as you progress step by step the task becomes easier, and you even enjoy the work. The greater joy and fulfillment comes up when you get to sit and sleep in a house that you built from scratch.

Design your tiny house

The very first thing that you should have when deciding to build your own tiny house is design. To come up with a design, you should know exactly why you need the house. How many people will be using it? What activities will be going on in it? How much stuff do you need in there? How long/how often you plan on living in it? Are you going to live in tiny houses for sale in texas? Etc.

Note: have the main features of your tiny home in mind. For example, if you are the type to spend more time in the kitchen, then consider having more kitchen appliances. If you are building the house purposely for pastime or vacation, then consider adding a relaxation/hobby room.Tiny house building checklist2

Here are some factors to consider when designing your tiny house:

Size and location of the site

  • Is it in a sloped or flat land?
  • Is it on dry, wet, or swampy land?
  • Does the land has stumps or large boulders?

Shape of the tiny house

  • It can be rectangular, circular or have lots of angles
  • It can be built around boulders and trees
  • It can have a porch/balcony or small wings
  • You can add curved walls


  • Can be hipped, gabled or flat
  • Can be turned into a balcony


  • Will the house have gas, city water, sewers, power lines, etc.?
  • Will you be using solar panels/ are they ideal? Will you be connecting them to the main power?


  • Will you have a laundry room?
  • Electric stove or gas?
  • Will you have a back door?


  • How many bedrooms?
  • Do you need a guest space?
  • Built-in storage spaces or closets?
  • Built-in bunk bed & storage space?
  • Bedroom in a loft area? How to access it


  • How many bathrooms?
  • Full, half, or shower?
  • Bathroom storage space, how much? Built-in?


  • Open or closed kitchen?
  • Connected to the breakfast/dining room?
  • Storage space for small appliances and dishes
  • Counter space
  • Small or big sink?
  • Is an oven needed?
  • Pantry?
  • Island?


  • Big or little windows?
  • The number of windows?
  • Skylights?


  • Flat or curved?


  • Balcony or porch?
  • Which room should have the balcony/porch?
  • Built-in ladders?


  • Fireplace?
  • Hobby room?
  • Extra storage room?
  • Architectural style?
  • Ramp/complete staircase?
  • Creative storage spaces

The budget

The final determinant of how your tiny house will look is your budget. Once you have your checklist in place, go over it, now placing the price of everything and see if it exceeds your budget. It is at this time that you can make adjustments, replacing, adding or removing what you can do without based on your budget.

The advantage of putting enough effort in coming up with the ideal budget for a tiny home is that it helps you in spending the right amount of money on each aspect of your home without compromising on the quality of the materials and quantity. And, remember to check the site’s laws regarding properties before finalizing the plans.