Factors to Consider When Looking For LED Grow Lights1

Factors to Consider When Looking For LED Grow Lights

Many cannabis growers are now shifting to LED Grow lights after using HID lights for years. The benefits of LEDs are quite obvious including reduced power consumption, more savings, ease of setting the equipment up and low maintenance costs. Yes, LEDs have many advantages, but the trick of getting the best yields depends on the type of LEDs you choose.

Not all LEDs work the same, so you must make an informed choice or you’ll be stuck holding something that isn’t perfect for you. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you must consider when purchasing LED Grow lights. Remember that before buying one, you need to read the best led grow lights reviews.

  • Brand Reputation

There weren’t many LED grow lights just a few years earlier, and HPS lights were preferred by many growers, but things began to change as soon as hordes of manufacturers jumped into the scene. Now that you have so many options, you can never be sure about the quality of the product.

Therefore, it’s always recommended that you pick companies that have quite a few years of experience under its belt. Sure, new companies are working harder than ever and also sell lights cheaper, but why risk your money when branded lights are tested for years and guaranteed to last at least a decade?

  • Money Saver

How do you save money on LED Grow lights? By purchasing a light that doesn’t consume too much power, that’s how. Almost all LEDs are excellent and save a lot of power, but if you can choose something that’s made of quality materials, you can rest assured that your lights will last a long, long time. LED lights need to run for at least 18-24 hours per day, so quality is of utmost importance.

In addition, always remember to check the actual power draw rather than the one mentioned at first glance. For example, a P300 Advanced Platinum LED Grow light can make you assume that the power drawn is 300w; however, if you look closely, you’ll see that the actual power consumed is only 180w. By comparing the actual power draw of several lights, you’ll be able to determine the light that’s tailored just for you.

  • Low Heat

Almost all LEDs emit very less heat, which is they are a better choice when compared to HIDs; however, some LEDs give out lesser heat than the others and that’s exactly what you should be looking for. Of course, most LEDs come with heat sinks and fans that are inbuilt to reduce the heat, and they also contain panels to dissipate heat evenly; however, some of the manufacturers only provide plastic/glass panels that are ineffective to lessen the temperature.

Plastic cases are dangerous because it can make the plastic melt when the heat increases to dangerous levels. Additionally, LEDs that emit too much heat can be disastrous to your plants too since the leaves can get burnt pretty quickly. Remember to hang the lights at a distance of at least 18-22” to prevent any mishaps.

  • Choosing the right typeFactors to Consider When Looking For LED Grow LightsMost LEDs come with full spectrum today, but did you know that you can manually adjust the spectrum in some of these lights? Take the Viparspectra Dimmable Series for instance. Cannabis plants need maximum light during its reproductive stage, so you can use the full spectrum to its best potential while using only a part of the lights during the vegetative stage. This not only allows you to save more power, but you indirectly save more money.

    Growing cannabis indoors is not rocket science and just about anybody with a little experience in growing plants can do it.  The market today has some of the best LED Grow lights that outperform other types of lights by a mile. Just remember to do your research before you purchase any kind of light because your plants will thank you later!