Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Your Birth Story Matters! Guest Post by Chelsea Ann Wiley


As a labor and delivery nurse I am truly passionate about the process of 

childbirth. So much so, that I started a website named Birth with Balance 

for mothers to share their birth stories in order to heal, teach and empower 

one another through first hand experience. At work I love the excitement 

of first meeting mothers, helping them navigate their options during labor, 

and holding their hand when pushing their little ones into the world. I can’t 

help but cry when I see them bond with their child after they have worked 

so hard. The intensity and harmony that accompanies childbirth is a place 

where both children and stories are born. I created Birth with Balance to tell 

each of these unique stories.

I found that after birth the mother’s story is often lost and so are the 

decisions she made. The book, What to Expect When You are Expecting 

doesn't always cut it or prepare you for the realities of birth! Am I right? So 

many of my patients enter the hospital without any real knowledge of what 

to expect. Others check in to deliver with a specific plan and cling to this 

even when things do not unfold as hoped. Some births are traumatic, and the 

let down can be devastating, and others are euphoric. Each powerful story 

helps women prepare for birth, reflect and learn from one another. 

There are no other forums that focus solely on birth stories, offer a 

questionnaire to help women write, or gather stories from around the world. 

Birth with Balance is a safe place for mothers to remember, reflect, heal 

from a trauma, contribute their wisdom, role model, empower, and offer 

alternative birthing options. We aim to build collective knowledge on 

childbirth and empower expecting and experienced mothers around the 


Your birth story matters! Please read some amazing stories, connect with 

other mothers, and share your birth story! 

Written by:

Chelsea Ann Wiley

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