Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mediflow Elite WaterBased Pillow Review


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How cool is it to get to review a pillow?? Great excuse to take a nap right? This is no ordinary pillow though.. And I have to admit, I was slightly intimidated by it. It looked a little complicated. Of course the kids wanted to help fill it. Well.. I could already picture the mess. Water everywhere, the pillow soaked, my nerves shot. But I'll get to that.

Here are some of the features listed on
  • The Elite pillow has a hand sewn woven rope cord edge
  • The Elite pillow has a 3 year warranty
  • The Elite pillow has a 300 thread count 100% cotton sateen cover.
  • The Elite pillow is filled with INVISTA’s newest PURESTUFF fiber which is loftier and will stay lofty longer

The Mediflow Elite Water Based Pillow was also chosen as the best in a 
John Hopkins Clinical Study to reduce neck pain.

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And.. I was completely wrong. It was easy peasy to fill. I thought I would have to fill it in the Bathtub, but I actually did it all in the Living Room! I don't think there was a single drop of water anywhere. Taking into account that I am a major klutz, & that the kids helped, that's super impressive. 

Instructions are written out step by step with Pictures (I do so much better with pictures lol) 
The Funnel doubles as a sort of wrench to open and close the cap over the Water Bladder. (Ignore the fuzzy pics, the kids also helped with the photography)

The Funnel then treads into the Water Bladder so you avoid the Hold&Pour Balancing act that almost always ends in disaster.

Included in the instructions, is a chart that tells you how much water to add for soft, medium, or firm. 

Last you "Burp" it (keeps the water from sloshing around) and recap it, using the funnel tool again to make sure it's tightened well.

& It fit inside my Favorite PillowCase from Cody Designs!


I honestly have nothing bad to say about the MediFlow Elite Water Based Pillow. It really surprised me how simple it was to fill. 

Other great points about it:

 It's adjustable. We have passed it around the house, taking turns sleeping on it. Each time we changed the water level to suit who would be using it that night. 

It comes with a coupon for a free Pillow Liner! 

The water only has to be changed once a year.

It comes with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 3 year Warranty.

Machine Washable! Important factor in my house.

Most of all, its so comfortable! I honestly feel more rested after sleeping on it and fall asleep faster. That is the main selling point for me. About every pillow you buy will promise that, but the MediFlow really delivers. I thought it would be too complicated but I'm happy to say that I was wrong. 

** I received no monetary compensation and was only given the product for review. All opinions and observations are my own and reflect my personal experience and may differ from yours. 

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