Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mississippi Roast Crock Pot Recipe


So Easy to make! And it is so good! The kids didn't even use ketchup with it.. and that 's kind of amazing. 

Here's what you need..

A Chuck Roast. Any size, beef or pork (I've tried it with both and it's great either way!)

One Hidden Valley Ranch Packet

One Packet of McCormick Au Jus mix

One Stick of Butter 

Five Pepperoncini Peppers Whole

Put it in the Crock Pot..

Put in the Roast

Sprinkle on the Ranch Packet

Sprinkle with the Au Jus Gravy Mix

Put the Stick of Butter on Top

Top with the Peppers

Put on the Lid and Cook on Low for 8 Hours or so

So Simple and Yummy!

Found this recipe on Pinterest from "A Perfectly Lovely Ordinary Day"

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