Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Parents Can Help Kids Avoid the 1st Day of School Blues ~ Guest Post from Melissa Schraiber


The first day of school can be really taxing on both children and their parents, 

causing anxiety, stress and expectations that everyone hopes to meet. The amount

of preparation necessary to be “ready” can come as quite a shock, unless you’ve 

created a well thought out plan of action prior to the big day. To ensure success

from the start, here are a few things that parents can do help their kids avoid the “1st

day of school blues”.

Supply Shopping

The first thing a parent must do to prepare their child for the upcoming academic 

year is to take them shopping for school supplies. A child without the proper 

study equipment is a child that will, more than likely, have difficulty succeeding.

Thankfully, stores are willing to add an extra bit of savings during this time of 

year. With Kohls coupons, kids can select from a large variety of school clothes and 

backpacks. At Target, Walmart and other discount stores, school supplies go on sale

at the end of the summer. The first step to having a good day at school is looking and 

feeling prepared for class.

Classroom Quest

Many children get nervous about finding their classrooms or what their teacher will 

think of them and vice versa. In order to ease some of their anxieties, it is a good

idea to participate in the school’s orientation prior to the first day of school. Kids 

will feel more confident and less intimidated by the fear of the unknown if they’ve 

already had the opportunity to find their room and meet their soon-to-be instructor. 

Pep Talks

The more a parent communicates with their child about what to expect on the 

first day, their fears, their strengths, etc. the more they will feel prepared going 

into school. This also encourages the child to communicate with others, including 

potential friends at school. Parents should also give their kids something to 

look forward to at school. Tell them about all the friends and fun times that 

happened during school. Anything a parent can do to boost confidence and show

understanding will let the child know that they are not alone in this experience. By

guiding kids, parents are able to set them up for success. 

Remain Calm

Kids feed off the energy of others. If mom and dad seem anxious and unsure, it is 

expected that the child will exhibit these exact behaviors as well. As so, it is best

for parents to breath, remain calm and be a role model for their children all the 

time, but especially up to and on the first day of school. A relaxed child is one who

is capable of thinking clearly and problem solving, which may come in handy on the 

first day of school. 


Parents must believe in their kid’s capacity to overcome adversity and obstacles on

their own. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, children are likely to become successful

when all those around them believe in their ability to succeed. Parents can help

their children avoid the school, work and life blues by remembering this one, very 

important, bit of advice.

Preparation is key to succeed in any environment. By following these 5 simple tips, 
the first day of school will be a breeze for both children and parents. It will create a 
positive beginning to another great school year.

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