Thursday, July 18, 2013

NEW Hormel REV Wraps Review & COUPON


School is starting back in a few weeks. Ugh.. The morning Craziness will be back with it. Its not just that dragging my 2 boys out of bed and trying to Force them to get ready makes me want to run away from home, but the 8 yr old loves to make me pack his lunch when he decides at the very Last Minute to bring it that day. 

That's why I'm so glad that Hormel released the New REV Wraps yesterday! As part of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger Program I got a sneak peak at the new REV Wraps and tried them out on my boys (including he Hubby who LOVES Food lol.) 

REV Wraps are Available in 8 Yummy Flavors:
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Peppered Turkey
  • Meat Lovers Pizza
  • Italian Style Ham
  • Hot Pepper Ham
  • Italian Style
  • Spicy Italian Style

I only got to try the Pepperoni Pizza, the others disappeared from my refrigerator before I could have another. You can eat them straight from the fridge or microwave them in the package (just remove the cover) for 15 seconds and they're done. They are already wrapped, which I love because my kids could do it all their selves. So I can send the REV Wraps to school without worrying if someone will have to help my boys "assemble" their lunch.

They come out of the package ready to eat!

My picky eaters loved Every Flavor and instructed me to give them "5 stars" and an "A+" 

Ok, I have went on and on about how they taste, but as Mom's we also have to worry about nutrition. Another reason packing school lunches is such a dreadful task. Seems like everything that's easy and convenient like chips and cakes, etc, is also bad for our kids. I love that each REV Wrap has at least 15g of protein and are made with REAL meats & cheese! 

Hormel REV Wraps Provide
  • Endurance: protein-rich to provide real sustaining energy
  •  Nutrition: made with real meat and cheese, an excellent source of protein and a good source of calcium and fiber

You can find out more about the brand New Hormel REV Wraps and get a $1 off Coupon HERE

**I am currently a member of the Hormel Foods Extended Blogger Program and this post is part of my involvement in the Group. While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiment in Mommy Needs A Break are 100% my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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  1. I haven't seen these yet - hmmm will have to see if our store has them.
    new follower - thanks for co-hosting the hop!

  2. You could not be more wrong....these are disgusting...I would rather eat dog food than eat one of these again....

    1. absolutely the truth!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. They are soooooo gross. Make your own.

  3. Dog food coupons can easily be found online. Bon Apetit!

  4. Man these are really the laziest "fast food" I have ever seen. Gross.

  5. These really are awful!

  6. Yes, was excited, but taste is a waste of my money.

  7. I just tried the Ham & cheese. My flat bread was not soft and white like the package said. It was hard and yellow. The Ham and the Cheese were both dry and tasteless. I bought 4 different flavors of this, but if the others are like this one, I will not be buying again. The use by date was 2/22/14 and I ate it on 2/9/14 so it was far from being old. My German Shepherd ended up finishing it for me.

  8. My wrap was sort of soft/soggy in the middle, otherwise it was good. I had the ham and cheese. They were on sale for .99 cents.

  9. I had the turkey bacon ranch wrap and ended up with food poisoning. I will never try these again. Horrible experience!

  10. Tried the pepperoni pizza and ham and cheese. Both were absolutely disgusting.

  11. I did not try them because I thought they cost too much at 1.78 in Walmart. I decided to make some myself with pepperoni and cheese and tortillas. Cheaper yes but there is so much sodium in both versions and cholesterol and fat that even with the fact that they contain 17 grams of protein I was afraid to eat them since I'm am watching my blood pressure.

  12. I just bit into one and they are disgusting! I opened the tortilla and the ham was hard along with the crispy peeling dark orange cheese. I will NEVER purchase these again!

  13. I'm just wondering how much hormel paid you and the rest of you bloggers to give this fatty garbage good reviews.

  14. Just wanted to let you know there is NO WAY your family thought these were good. They are absolutely disgusting, and I love food. Even crap food. So it's good to know you lie for hits, which is EXACTLY why I am happy mom bloggers went out. All nothing but liars.

  15. this is a flour tortilla with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham and tis is supposed to be food- SHINANIGANS- there is nothing like homemade burritos / wraps - this coming from a mexican american from souther california

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  17. Never mind the fact that these are as healthy as battery acid, what's Up with the Capitalization of words Mid sentence?!