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Guest Post~ A Night at Waverly Hills Sanatorium by Paranormal Distraction


I have always wanted to visit and tour Waverly Hills Sanatorium, but haven't got the nerve to do so yet. When I seen a post by Paranormal Distraction, I pestered them until they agreed to do a Guest Post with their results. 

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A Brief History:
Waverly Hills opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients.  Because of the extreme outbreak of tuberculosis (the “White Plague”) in Louisville, Kentucky (due to the “swamp land”) it prompted the construction of a new hospital.  Construction of the four-story building began in 1924 and opened in 1926.  It was built in stone and is fireproof throughout and is a massive 180,000 square feet.  This addition to Waverly boosted the amount of patients that could be treated to 400.  Waverly became its own community having a schoolhouse on site, post office and housing for staff members. 

After the introduction to streptomycin in 1943, the number of tuberculosis cases came less and less, and there was no longer a need for such a large medical facility.  Waverly Hills closed its doors in June of 1961.  The building reopened in 1962 as Woodhaven Geriatric Center, a nursing home.  The facility primarily treated patients with various stages of dementia and mobility limits as well as the severely mentally challenged. Woodhaven was closed by the State in 1982 allegedly due to patient neglect. 

Our story;  
Last month five of our female members of Paranormal Distraction headed east for a four day adventure in hopes to experience paranormal activity at two of the most known haunted hot spots in the U.S.  We set out from Omaha, Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri to meet up with other members of our team and continue on our journey heading to Kentucky and then Ohio. The anticipation was building and getting stronger by the moment and with each mile that we got closer. Our first destination…Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky! For several years members of our team have waited patiently to one day have the opportunity to exploring this 180,000 sqft old Tuberculosis Hospital.   

During our 12-hour drive from Omaha to Kansas City and then to Louisville, we kept up the excitement by telling each other stories that we have read about and heard over the past few years, stories about the hauntings, the history and those that had passed away while staying at the hospital. The weather outside was extremely bad the entire way as we had severe rain, flooding and at times lightning and thunder. This extended our drive by two more hours….oh the anticipation! 

Upon arriving to the Sanatorium there are many trees covering the property. The property sits back behind a thick wooded area on top of a hill. As we round the street that leads us to the gate, out from behind the trees emerges this huge old building. We made it at last! The team was greeted at the gate by Mike our guide, who led us up the path to the entrance of the building.  All of the stories, photos and TV shows could not have prepared us enough for what we were seeing before our eyes.  The building was massive, larger than we could have ever imagined! When then started off with a tour of the outside of the building and then proceeded into the sanatorium.  Mike said that the main purpose of the tour was to show us how to navigate through the building as it was very easy to get lost, and he was not kidding. There was hallway after hallway, door after door and most all of the floors looked very much alike.  When we were walking down one of the hallways, Mike indicated to keep an ear out for whistles, and if you hear a whistle, get ready as something is about to happened.  Within 10 seconds after saying that, Angelique, Carrie and Erin heard a whistle behind them clear as day.  When they asked if anyone else heard a whistle, a very large black figure jumped from the ceiling down to the floor right in front of all of us and behind Mike as he was turned towards us.  We had not even started to investigate and things were happening all around us, doors slamming shut, footsteps walking behind us, heavy breathing was heard and shadows peeping around here and there.   

 After the tour we grabbed all of our gear and headed up to the fifth floor planning to work our way back down through the night.  The fifth floor was opened aired and had a large roof top that patients were able to use to get more sunlight and enjoy the fresh air. The children were allowed to play on one side of the fifth floor and the adults to whom tuberculosis went to their brains (the insane) on the other side.  The Fifth floor is also home to the infamous room 502, where it is said that a nurse had an abortion in that room, and then hung herself right outside the door by the elevator shaft.  It is also said that a nurse jumped out the fifth floor window, falling to her death, after learning that she was a victim to the incurable disease.  The entire time that we were on the fifth floor, Erin felt as if there was a mass of energy around her, that someone or something was constantly touching her.  We heard many different voices and witness several shadow figures. The team also encountered "Timmy" a spirit of a young boy who enjoyed playing a game of hide and seek with us. Angelique and Carrie heard his little laugh and footsteps running around trying to find Erin. What an experience that was. 

It wasn’t long before we were drawn to the fourth floor.  The fourth floor is full of hallways and many doors.  While investigating in the cafeteria, which is in the center of the hallways, we encountered numerous loud bangs, shadow figures all around us, the sense of being watched and significant heat spikes with our mel-meter. The feeling was eerie and sad. Renee said several times how she felt the sadness of those that passed away from their illnesses of the white plague.   

After spending a couple of hours on the upper two floors we decided to come back down to take a break and regroup at our command center. While navigating through the massive hallways, we finally found the door to the main stairwells that go through the center of the building.  We proceeded down the steps and as soon as we passed by the second floor stairway there was a HUGE BANG.  We all stopped right in our tracks, and then heard something walking forcefully right towards us.  We yelled “hello, anyone up there”, and received no response.  Something was trying to get our attention on the second floor and continued to rattle and bang around until we left the area. 

Now the excitement is just about to begin. After our break we decided to head back to the second floor where we heard all the banging coming from. The feeling of approaching that floor was like no other feeling. We did not feel welcome. The dark, creepy, heavy feeling was getting stronger each step that we took. Once again we had the strong sense of being watched. They are right next to us investigator, Stacey said, talking about the spirits.  Angelique and Renee heard several growls after taking a few steps down the hallway and had a strong feeling that what we were dealing with was not at all good! We decide to walk side by side because anyone that was in the back felt like they were not walking alone and were being followed. We could hear footsteps right behind our own with loud breathing and at times hissing.   As we continued walking towards the center of the hall the feeling intensified as if we were surrounded by a negative entity that did not want us there, the feeling of dread and intense uneasiness engulfed us. The team decided to stay in a tight group because of the feelings we had and the noises that were getting closer and closer to us from both ends of the hallways, doors opening and slamming shut and that feeling you get in your gut when something is about to happen. Several of us witnessed shadow figures and heard disembodied whispers coming from some of the rooms. The second floor was truly scary even for the most seasoned investigator!  

Our next destination was the third floor, and once again we were met by Mike. We asked Mike if he would like to come along with us since he knew the building so well and we wanted to try some experiments. This floor is known as the creeper floor. The "creeper" most often manifests itself from a black shadow figure into something resembling a human like creature; it has been seen crawling on the walls and ceiling and has been known to charge at the people whom have seen it. Looking down this long hallway that seemed endless, we could see in the shadows from the moonlight, doors in the outer hallway were blowing from the wind that had then picked up. It was another tense moment, just like a scary movie. Paint chipping off the walls, old building with doors opening and closing (now from the wind) and the footsteps continued behind us!  Once we made it to the end of the hallway we all sat down on the floor. Mike took out his flashlight and told us that the spirits like to communicate using them the best. He sat the flashlight in the middle of the hallway along with an EMF detector and started another EVP session. As we sat there asking questions and watching the flashlight to see if we could make communication from those spirits that were with us. Within a few minutes the light started responding to us by flashing on from the off position. Mike then asked for the spirit to turn the light off, we noticed the flashlight would dim in and out unlike a normal light would. He would ask again this time getting up telling the spirit "I'm going to come and get it if you don't turn it off", he would start walking towards it and it quickly turned off. He would then sit back down with us and ask more questions, this continued on for about 40 minutes. During this time we could see two black shadows at the end of the hallway that would either peek their head out of the doorway or stand in the middle of the hall near the flashlight. We all heard a disembodied voice yelling at us a couple of times. Mike walked alone down the hall while Angelique took a series of pictures, in a few of the pictures she could see a black mass standing in front of Mike blacking him completely out.  Angelique yelled down to Mike telling him he wasn't in the pictures and she saw the mass on the camera. He responded saying that he could feel them all around him.  He started walking back while she continued taking pictures when he finally reappeared in the pictures. We all could not believe what we had just witnessed on this and the communication we were having with these intelligent spirits and perhaps the creeper!
Waverly Hills 3rd Floor
As the night got later, we headed down to the first floor. It's now time to walk the 500 feet down the death tunnel (body chute). Cameras in hand we headed down being careful to not miss a step. The tunnel was pitch black and all you could hear were our feet walking down the path and again something following us. We did have a few experiences in the tunnel as a couple teammates were touched and every now and then you could hear a disembodied voice. But because of the bats we did not stay long and walked back up. After we exited the body shoot, we made our way down the hall and into the morgue. The morgue was still furnished with the body drawers, exam table and gurney, creepy to say the least. We did not experience as much in this room, but several of us felt the emotions associated to that room, the feeling of sadness consumes it. We decided to move on and met up with Mike again to conduct another EVP session. He led us into what used to be the front lobby area of the hospital. We all sat down on the floor and had a flashlight placed on the other side of the room alongside our spirit box. Once the spirit box was turned on the activity began!  Within two minutes of turning on the spirit box the building began to rumble and shake three times.  Erin asked Mike if that was thunder and he replied, “That definitely is not thunder”, and he was right. The rumbling lasted a good 20 seconds and we knew it was not thunder, but the might and strength of something that was upset from us being there. We continued on with our EVP session. Angelique then asked, “Was that you making all that noise”, and a voice came over and replied “No”.  She then asked, “Well then, who is it” and we get the response “The Devil”.  At this point you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Everyone was on edge, yet highly alert at the same time. One of the last questions asked was “What do you want to do” and it replied, “I kill you”.  At that point we told the entity that we were speaking to that we are no longer communicating with it and it needed to leave and not follow us.  As we told it to step away from our equipment, the flashlight dimmed, and then completely shut off.  
The "Death Tunnel"
Our journey at Waverly was coming to an end. We headed back to command central and packed up our equipment. We said our goodbyes to Mike and ran out to our car in the pouring rain. As we were pulling out of Waverly, we just sat in awe, as we could not believe all the activity that we just experienced. Waverly was all that we wanted it to be and was even better than we ever imagined.  As we talked of our experience on our way back to the hotel, all we could do was smile. It was a true paranormal adventure and we have plans to head back yet again this year!

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