Saturday, June 8, 2013

PLEXUS ~ 2 Week Results!!


How to Lose 7lbs in 2 Weeks Easy Peasy!

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I've been reviewing Plexus for 2 weeks now. I'm extremely skeptical about Weight Loss Products, most likely because I have really tried them all. This first two weeks, I haven't done anything besides Drinking one Plexus Slim Mix and taking two (some days just one) Accelerator Pills each day. Really, I haven't exercised, followed a strict diet, only ate lettuce, None of that! I am upset with myself for not taking Before and After Pics. Honestly, I'm just frankly too insecure to do that right now. I know I should have. SO let me share my findings at the half way point in my Month Review. I wasn't and will not be paid to do this. I was given a month supply to do an honest review. That does show that the Distributor has a lot of confidence in the product! Make sure to check out her Facebook Page HERE. And as you probably already know, I'm not a Doctor lol. This is my own personal opinion. 

This is What I Received. You can Purchase Them Together HERE

What I Did..

Like I said, easy peasy. When I first get up, this is what I eat and Drink.

I take the pill and drink about 4 oz. of the water. Eat a slice of bread (I'm not great with pills so it settles my stomach, The Accelerator is like a Vitamin though). Then I mix the Plexus Slim Mix with the remaining Water and drink it. The "Pink Drink" or Mix tastes Great! Its better than the Crystal Light Packs I usually buy and drink.

What I Noticed..

  • I'm Super Thirsty. Which is great. Drinking Plenty of water is suggested anyways.
  • I have NO Urge to snack. This is amazing for me! I always want to snack. I'm a "Boredom Eater" Especially at night. It makes me not even think about it though. I didn't think that was possible.
  • I have to remind myself to eat. Another Amazing thing!
  • I feel better over all. It doesn't give me super energy, but makes me feel better and I'm more active.
  • It Doesn't make me jittery. I hate diet pills and products that give me the shakes or makes me nauseous. Plexus makes you feel normal. 
So, the next two weeks I'm going to exercise (Probably some walking and such) while taking the product. I'll let you know how it goes!

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