Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight ~ Michelle Bryant from Diary of a fit single mother~

I <3 This Lady!

Michelle from Diary of a Fit Single Mom!

Some more about Michelle from her Blog:

"This blog is my journey of being a single mom of 3 beautiful children. I am happily divorced, but during the entire process, I gained about 40lbs. My children are active in sports, school, scouts, you name in they are interested in it. Since my sole responsibility in life is to make sure that they are taken care of first. I’m also in a very desperate need to reclaim who I once was BEFORE all of the BS drama started. I’m a Navy Vet, and at one point I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I went to school full time, graduated college (not with honors though I mean really I have 3 kids, I did good to go back and get my associates degree, so cut me some slack!). But when the cheating started on their end, the eating began on mine. I mean really I went from a size 6 to a size 14/15. Screw that!! My fitness journey began in February 4, 2013 when I took a zumba class and saw parts of my body jiggling that I didnt even know that I had. It was gross, I wasn’t happy!!!I am reclaiming the person that I lost…ME! All while raising 3 mini me’s to be respectful young adults!"

Michelle is so easy Going, and fun to talk to! I haven't known her long but I'm so glad to say I do now! Her blog is full of inspiration, humor, kids, & giveaways (plus much more!)

Michelle's Story, in her own words:

I started simply by writing in my journals when I was about 13 (I'm 37), but I wanted to reach out to other people. I guess it was a way of seeing that what I was experiencing was not just something that I was going through. I am a loud, tell it like it is kinda person. I have a weird sense of humor, not easily offended. I sometimes have a colorful vocabulary. I have never met a stranger. I am an awesome single mom of 3 wonderfully amazing children. And I wouldn't change it for the world. Writing is my outlet. It's how I remain sane. 

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