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Parenting, Health and Anxiety ~ A Guest Blog By Dr. Divi Chandna

Parenting, Health and Anxiety

-By Dr. Divi Chandna

As a family doctor and a medical intuitive, I stand in a life mission of guiding people
to heal. We are often taught that healing comes from the outside -medications, surgery,
doctors and so on, but in my years of medicine, I realize that there is so much more

When we venture into parenthood – and step into the roles of becoming moms and dads
we completely shift our lives. Before we know it we have multiple children and are
scrambling to juggle work, family life, and personal commitments. This all adds up to a
plate full of stress! As a mom myself, I can completely see how my personal stress levels
have risen since having our son.

I am sure that you can relate to this.

It is well known and well documented that stress is a direct link to our illnesses. The
stress of being a new mom or dad is one of the biggest stressors in our lives. It is not
just the daily responsibilities of parenting, but for most of us it can become the incessant
anxiety and whirling mind of worries that seem never ending. Many times these worries
are quiet and they sit in the back of our mind.

For example, we may worry about our baby when she is sleeping at night. Or, we may
get anxious about our son’s first day of school. These anxieties are like quiet voices in the
back of our mind that do not serve us. Many times, they actually make everything worst.

I work with clients all day, every day that are going through health crises. Many times,
their health issues are worsened by these daily fears. Part of my work is to teach them
different ways to think, process and express their worries.

We discuss how these fears seem natural and normal. All of our friends, neighbours and
parents all worry about their kids – so we are thereby conditioned to worry. It seems

In fact, what I teach people is that it is our human mind that worries but our Spirit voice
knows it is all perfect and can create.

I teach my clients that we have two voices- our mind’s voice and our Spirit voice.
They are distinct and we are trained to listen to our mind. Oprah calls the Spirit voice
the whisper inside – and she says all of her fame and fortune is because she listened to
this deep voice. That Spirit voice is very different than the mind voice. It is reassuring,
loving, creative and supportive. The mind’s voice can be fretting, harsh, accusatory and

Just like Oprah, we all have access to this whisper. That whisper voice is sometimes very
different than the mind’s voice. When we listen to the whisper more, we realize there is
nothing to be afraid of. We can also use our mind’s voice to create.

This using the mind’s voice with awareness is also known as the law of attraction and
was spoken of recently in the movie the Secret.

If we are freaked out, anxious and afraid, we are not serving our children. What if we
used our minds to visualize what we want for our children? What if we spent more mind-
time mentally creating our desires for our kids? What if we started doing this till we
started to believe it was possible?

Wouldn’t we feel better, and feel more aligned with our children’s growth and well-
being? I believe that as we do this, we put out an energy of calm, easy going, trusting and
feeling hope for our children.

When we do this regularly, our children do feel it. As our children feel it, their behaviour
and their disposition changes.

Not only can this type of work help our own health, but imagine the effect it can have on
our kids?

What are you dreaming of for your children today?
Let us use our mind, our faith and our Spirit voice to increase our own health and liven
up our whole families’ life!

Dr. Divi Chandna

"Dr Divi is an MD, Certified Medical Intuitive, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Author, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher,Reconnective Energy Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner and a MOM!
She combines all of her gifts and loves to help guide people to improve their own health and overall well-being. The true road to ultimate health is the connection with the Self. Dr. Divi uses her gifts as an intuitive healer to help guide clients on this fun, exciting and exhilerating path!
Love is her mission statement and her dream is to watch people connect with their own love and truth everyday."

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  1. Breathe deep and listen to my spirit voice, lets hope it can overpower my mind voice. Thanks for the post