Sunday, April 7, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle #9

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This weeks theme:  Vacation

1.  Do you take family vacations?

Yes! We go every Feb. or March to Gatlinburg TN  because my Boys are obsessed with it! It's a great trip but wears me out lol. We also try to take a trip every Summer, I'm thinking the beach this year :)

2.  Did you take family vacations as a kid?  If so, what is the one you remember the most?

All the time! Myrtle Beach, SC I remember the most because we went every year. We also went to MI a few times to visit family and would visit Canada while we were there. We we a lot of places, and I have such great memories. That's one reason I try to take my boys different places each year so they can have memories like mine.

3.  What is your dream vacation, as a family, a couple or even alone?

Not sure.. I often dream about a couples trip ANYWHERE lol, but then I start thinking how much my kids would like to go, or what they would want to do and it becomes a family trip lol. I really do want to go to Vegas.. I haven't been and would love to just see it!

4.  What is your preferred method of traveling? Ex. flying, driving, taking a train, a cruise?

I have never flown, and not sure that I could without a panic attack lol. We drive. I would love to go by train somewhere!

5.  Have you already made vacations planned for this summer, or are you planning a "staycation"?

We will end up somewhere this summer lol. I'm thinking the beach, just not sure which one yet. :) I'm also hoping to go to Blogher this year in Chicago!! Fingers Crossed!!

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