Sunday, April 14, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle #10


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This weeks theme:  Birthdays

1.  When is your Birthday?

November 2 (Not interested in sharing the year lol)

2.  Do you normally have a big party?

Nope, Just Dinner and Hubs or My mom always gets cake, ice cream, all the staples. :) After kids, no more big parties lol
3.  When are your SOs and kids birthday? Do they fall close together?
Hubs is August 22 ~ Oldest's is November 11 (9 days after mine) & Youngest's is September 2 (11 days after Hubs)

4.  How do you celebrate their birthdays?

Same for Hubs as mine:)  I always go a little over board for the boys though.. I can't help it.. I <3 Holidays and Birthdays and want them to always have awesome memories! I like lots of kids, plenty of food with a cool cake, and something really fun for them to do. We usually rent the pool, park, rec center, or bowling alley.

5.  If you could have one thing for your next birthday what would it be?

A trip to a spa! Just for the day, heck, just for an hour!

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