Sunday, March 31, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle #8

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This Week's Theme: FOOD

1.  Do you have a favorite food?  One you just can't imagine living without?

Sweets! Chocolate, that sort of thing. Totally my weakness, and why i can't stay on a diet :)

2.  Do you prefer homemade or do you eat out a lot?

I prefer Homemade. We go out to our favorite Chinese place almost every weekend and do the fast food thing every now and then. I really love to cook though.

3.  Is food comforting to you?

Sometimes, Depends on my mood and the current stress lol.

4.  Do you have foods that you absolutely cannot stand that your significant other loves?  Do you make it even if you hate it, or do you just force them to go without?

There are a few things that I don't like that my family does, and i cook it for them. If Hubs brings home deer meat, he's on his own. I won't cook it or anything yuck!

5.  What's your go to food when you are just too tired to mess with anything else?

Spaghetti! It's the easiest to throw together and the kids love it! I've even switched to the whole wheat noodles and they haven't noticed ;)

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