Sunday, March 3, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle #4 3-03-13

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This Week's Theme: DRAMA
This Week's Questions:
1. What does the word DRAMA mean to you?
Unnecessary griping, fighting, starting trouble, and dragging out stupid stuff.  I think that explains it. 

2. Do you like DRAMA in your life? 
Define "IN my life?"  I'm not going to lie, I like to heart or gossip about it sometimes, as long as it doesn't involve me.  And by me, I mean, my immediate family. Drama from a distance is sometimes entertaining lol.

3. What is the biggest DRAMA ordeal you've been in? 
Geesh.. I'm 30, there's been a few lol.  I guess when me and my husband divorced and all that crap.  It was MES-SY at best.  Hard to believe that we've actually reconciled and put all of that behind us.  I never thought that was even slightly possible.   
4. Do you know someone who loves DRAMA? Who is it?
Oohh.. I'll just say In-Laws and leave it at that.  It amazes me that some people thrive off of Drama like they do.  I may like to gossip about it or watch it occasionally, but I can't imagine taking the time and effort to create it the way they do.  

5. How do you avoid DRAMA in your life?  
I avoid those people who thrive from it like that.  Amazing what cutting off a few people can do to the Drama level!
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Next week's theme: HIGH SCHOOL

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