Friday, March 29, 2013


1. Mentos & Soda Bomb! 

Freeze Mentos in Ice Cubes for a Time Bomb! 
You can also do the variation of this one (Check out the video HERE)

2. Jello Juice!

Surprise the kids with Juice they can't drink!

3. Soak 'em!

Tape the Sprayer down, so when they turn on the sink.. well.. it'll be messy!

4. Saran Wrapped Car

Want to really make your neighbor mad?

5. Girls Room?

Just don't get arrested..

6. Balloon Shower!

Great for Kids! While they are asleep, Saran Wrap a Wall of Balloons on the outside of their closed bedroom door! Also great for their Birthdays!

7. Fork MineField

Might be time consuming, but could be Hilarious!

8. Their Own, Personal Rainbow!

Just some carefully placed crayon pieces.. 

9. Fog Horn Wake Up!

Is there a co-worker you don't like?

10. Toilet Poppers

My Favorite! Just place a few of these under the toilet lid! (tape if needed)
If you scare them so bad they pee on their selves, well.. they'll be in the right place to do it!

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  1. Hiya gorgeous! This is such a fun post. I love your blog. I am your newest lover on bloglovin! Follow back would be really cool. Cheers!

    Hugs x

  2. I am getting caught up on your blog and sooooo wish I had seen these before April Fool's! I will have to bookmark this for next year!!!

    Angela @Momopolize

  3. These are really some awesome tips. Love them. They do look mighty time consuming, but the end results would be really funny for sure.

  4. Some of these things are downright mean. Forks on a lawn?? Crayons on the windshield? I hope you plan to clean up the mess yourself.
    Friends or family who do this kind of thing to someone have a screw loose.

    1. Your the problem with society...

  5. Just a heads up....Saran Wrap on a car plus sunshine will DESTROY the paint job. That is not a harmless prank.