Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I was really excited to get the opportunity to try and review this new "wrap thingy" I had heard so much about!  Melanie at Happy Healthy You was so great to send me one to try and share my results!  Uh oh.. Now I have to show my belly :/

But I'll start from the beginning.. 
I had read the description from her website:

Of course I (being the functioning pessimist that I am) thought.. sure.. 
I received it in the mail and it was so much smaller than I had imagined.

The instructions were fairly simple.  Apply to clean, dry skin.  Cover in plastic wrap, remove after 45 minutes. Drink lots of water!
I did just that.  I felt a little peculiar when I walked due to the plastic wrap :) It wasn't really uncomfortable though.. The dog looked at me funny because I made a odd, plastic noise when I moved around lol.  No biggie.. and the goo on the wrap had a pleasant smell at least.

Ok.. I could REALLY tell a difference! After 72 hours, I was almost 2 inches smaller in the waist!  
Here are my Before and After pictures:

EEK!! And yea, Awesome pj's huh? :)

I was really happy when Hubs mentioned that he really noticed a difference!  Now I'm tempted to wrap my entire body!! 

You can contact Melanie on her Facebook Page HERE.
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  1. I've been seriously wondering about these. I know they aren't permanent, but I was thinking of trying one before my sister's wedding later this year.

    1. I really LOVED it! So much that I'm considering becoming a distributor.. either way, I'll be wrapped completely up LOL

  2. I freaking LOVE wraps! They are so amazing and make you feel amazing and are GREAT for your stomach after you have kids if you keep doing them around your mid section you can drastically decrease your stretch marks and tighten your skin from when it got stretched out. Amazing! :)

    P.S. I am your newest follower and your blog is awesome found you on the TGIF hop

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