Monday, August 27, 2012

The Story of a Girl and Her "Snot Knot"

I'm a hot mess...

     Ok, here's the deal, I'm a hot mess.  I don't know how it has gotten this far.  Or for that matter, how to reverse it.  We'll begin with the snot knot.

     Snot knot-  a pathetic excuse for a hair style; cross between ponytail and bun; <see also- "chaos" and "rat's nest">

     It's sad.  This is my 'go to' hairstyle.  I'm ashamed and angry with myself for becoming this disheveled, sloppy, and unkempt.  When did this happen?  
     It started with motherhood, the beginning of the end.  I love my children more than anything, but I've been slowly pushing little things like this to the back burner for years.  

     Next I blame working in long term healthcare.  That is where the average ponytail evolved into my snot knot.  While bending over sick people all day, my ponytail was always in the way.  The last thing I wanted was my hair dipping into some of the repulsive things that I was dealing with.  Ewww....  And then there was the times my gloves were all covered in gross and I had to flag a co-worker down to get my hair out of my face.  

     Solution? Well I'll just start with the ponytail but I'll tuck the end of the "tail" into the last loop of my hair band.  Genius?  No.  Lazy?  That's more accurate.  Habit forming?  Apparently.  

     The rest of my beauty regimen is pretty much the same.  My make up consists of foundation, some powder, and lip gloss.  If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll throw on some mascara.  And it only gets worse the farther down my body you look.  I've gained an unruly amount of weight.  I haven't had a tan in over a year.  My wardrobe is similar to a 10 year old boy's and my fingernails and toenails leave a lot to be desired.

     I know there is a few or more of you out there who have a similar issue.  So I propose we take action NOW!  I will turn the big 3-0 in November and I refuse to start my 30's on such a sour note.  Don't worry, I have a plan...

My Time Monday...

     Each week we will take an hour or two for OURSELVES!! Yes, I said it, ourselves!  Let's begin to transform into the woman we thought we would be.  Ok, I know, pampering is expensive.  This is why each Sunday I will be posting an easy, cheap, do-it-yourself trick or treatment!  Are you excited yet?  So send me your feedback, either on here or on my facebook page or even email me at

     We deserve this because Mommy Needs A Break!  Travel this journey with me before you too realize that you've actually left the house with a snot knot pinned up in an ugly pink scrunchie...

I promise we will have some fun!! Schedule your My time Monday and we'll start making some plans.

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  1. Can't wait to join ya in this adventure...

    1. Thanks!! I just posted the recipe for the hair treatment :)

  2. I often have the "snot knot" going on over here too. It's just so easy. I gave up on fashion about two months before my daughter was born and rarely look back!

    I found your blog on the TGIF Blog Hop

  3. OHHHH! Snot knot! THAT'S what my hair-do is called! But I think I might have you beat... I put my hair in a snot-knot before I go to sleep, since I like to keep it off my face (I'm convinced that if my hair touches my face I'll get a zit). And when I wake up in the morning... I do NOTHING to it. I just leave my messy snot-knot just like it is. I do not give a flying ... well you get the point.

    Found you through the TGIF blog-hope BTW! :)

    1. Oh I do this too!! LOL It's my all the time hair do :) I named it a snot knot because well... I just thought that described it the best haha. Following you back!

  4. What a great idea!! I can't wait to read more posts about My Time Monday! I think I'm going to have to join in on that fun. :)

    Found your blog through the TGIF Blog Hop

    1. Don't forget to enter the Giveaway!! And I just posted the hair treatment for today :) Following you back!