Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2*(football)+(school)^housework/Life= Mommy Needs A Break

So the school year is now in full on mode.  Lord help me.

     Why is it all summer long as parents, we look forward to school starting back?  I suppose it's like how you forget all the pain after you go through 36 hours of labor.  School clothes, school supplies, early mornings, sports (awful), homework(super awful), and STRESS!

Typical weeknight/evening
   After supper...

    So here I sit... two backpacks, stuffed to bursting with papers.  I'm more overwhelmed than my sons.  I'm the one who needs to teach them organization and I'm the world's most unorganized person.  Dammit.

    So, our nightly homework ritual begins.  Usually my ten year old is whining (he's the whiner) and my seven year old is smarting off (he has my 'know it all' attitude).  We are at the kitchen table and I'm wondering why I don't drink.

    After the fits are over and the homework is finished, they stuff everything back into their backpacks.  I in turn, must now make them dump everything out and put it back in some what of an order.  Dammit.  Why do I not have any wine?

     Ok... bath time.  They bath themselves (thank God).  But it's still a chore for me.  Time for me to go into military mode and march them to the shower.  All the while, they are being boys and wrestling etc.  I am now referee and drill sergeant, "Stop it now!" "Wetting your hair is NOT washing it!" "Please, please, please hang up your towels!"

     So now they're in bed. The dishes are still dirty from supper, and usually I have at least another load of laundry.  Basically, no rest for me.  I usually end up with about 4-5 hours of sleep.  Dammit.

I know it's all worth it...

But Mommy Needs A Break...

<to be continued..>

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